updated 06-16-18

Welcome to our Fossil Eggs and spheres page!

Obviously, these are not dino eggs, or anything of the sort; but carvings made from petrified mud, with fossils embedded. These can be corals, worms, crynoids, snails, copralites, jellyfish, clams, squids, sea shells etc.  I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I do! For expanded view; and secure order page, simply click the photo. These are much larger than chicken eggs....more like goose eggs. if you have further questions send me an e-mail here: click


fossilegg10inch.jpg (660940 bytes)

Giant 6 x 10 inch egg!



fossilmarble egg7.jpg (195696 bytes)

Large 7 x 4 1/2 inch marble egg


fossilsphere3inch-1.jpg (357024 bytes)




fossilsphere4inch.jpg (373597 bytes)

4 inch fossil sphere


fossilegg-13.jpg (139860 bytes)

fossilegg-14.jpg (130689 bytes)

fossilegg-15.jpg (149762 bytes)

fossilegg-16.jpg (134590 bytes)

fossilegg-17.jpg (150987 bytes)

fossilegg-18.jpg (139546 bytes)

fossilegg-19.jpg (139946 bytes)

fossilegg-21.jpg (152183 bytes)

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