Welcome to our over-sized sphere page

These are some new items which we purchased from a "down on their luck" dealer. They are 8+ inches on the top 5 rows and 12+ inches on the bottom 2 spheres. The bottom 2 spheres I had custom made for the store and for your pleasure. For expanded views and secure shopping cart, simply click the photo of your choice.


lgredsph-1.jpg (259864 bytes)

lgfossilsph-1.jpg (231454 bytes)

lgteaksph-1.jpg (118035 bytes)

lgredsph-2.jpg (237414 bytes)

lggrnblacksph-2.jpg (280176 bytes)

lgteaksph-2.jpg (148216 bytes)

lgfossilsph-2.jpg (247773 bytes)

lggrnblacksph-.jpg (266870 bytes)

lgredsph-3.jpg (215919 bytes)

lgteaksph.jpg (134103 bytes)

lgonyxsph.jpg (186234 bytes)




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