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No part of this story should be construed as gospel truth. The legend has been handed down to me after over 125 years. The story has it, that in the late 1800's Tiffany and Company out of New York City had heavy investments in the west in gold, silver; and turquoise mines. One of these mines is located due west of Searchlight Nevada, near the desert community of Nipton California. (Nipton was a run-away exile town of old silent screen movie stars such as Wm. S. Hart, Tom Mix; and Carol Lombard, among many others.) Anyhow, this particular mine produced the only known veins of "Picture" turquoise. Since the colors weren't all that spectacular, it was tossed aside for higher grade ore. The supply was very limited; and a miner who had worked the mine had "acquired" the majority of the stones. He sold these to collectors until the 60's when he passed on. These were given to his daughter along with the legend, who then sold the products to me in 1995. The stones and cabs are of very high silver content; and are not from the picture turquoise. There are only 15 known pieces to exist; and you are looking at them. (red x in the box) In 2004, I sold a collection of the slabs of silver ore; but lost track of the buyers. The mine was a working gold mine until last year, when it caved in. The current owner has very little interest in re-opening it. These products sell by the gram.


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